Once completed, AND – Artists Network Database represents the database including all artists who are participating in “The Network” and its subordinated project environments.

This database will allow those who are interested to receive direct access and information about these artists, their involved art works and the connected project environments.

The Network
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subject: and – artists network database

FAQ – Frequently asked questions
How can I become part of the database?

The database was set up actually just for internal use as a central place for organising the data related to the artists who are participating in the project environments of The Network, like JavaMuseum, VideoChannel, SoundLAB, Cinematheque and many others.
And now it is open with free access to all users.

A participation or inclusion is not possible just by registrating, but exclusinve by participating in one of the numerous projects to be realised each year, i.e submitting to open calls to be announced on netEX – networked experience .
If an artist is selected, he/she becomes automatically part of the database.

So, everybody who wishes to become a part of the database should check first the currently running calls and if there are any to consider submitting in case he/she feels addressed to.

In order to be kept updated it might be also helpful to subscribe to the mailing list “artNET” via the email address above.