VjThai (Roxana T. Barraza Domínguez) (Mexico)

(Roxana T. Barraza Domínguez)

Vj Thai is an independent visual artist that experiments with mixed media, specializing in realtime video creation & manipulation as a performance in situ. The main character is the visual projections, created from the composing and mixing of her recordings, photographs, motion graphics, and marvelous samples from her very own videolibrary, created with images from her everyday experience with life.
As an audiovisual creator VjThai works on a conceptual level, more than just eyecandy! Through improvisation & generative processes, creates layers of content and connections of ideas through images & rhythm, which have a cinematic feeling and are full of musical intuition. There are unique moments of visual composition, that aim to live a seed of love in your heart.
She has performed in México, El Salvador, Guatemala and the US, at the Institute of Mexican Culture and Little Carver Theater in San Antonio, TX; Latin Electronic Music Festival (FMEL) in Chicago, ILL; Museum of Contemporary Art of Monterrey (MARCO), Theather of the Centre for the Arts in Monterrey (CENART), Centre of the Arts and new technologies in San Luis Potosí (CANTE-CEART), Taller de Experimentación Plástica (TEP-CONARTE), Electronic Arts Festival (MEDIARTE- AF), Universal Forum of Cultures in Monterrey (FORUM-UNESCO).
Roxana T. Barraza has participated also in Art and Mixed Media festivals in Chicago, México D.F., Puebla, Monterrey, and Aguascalientes. As a promoter of visual culture and multidisciplinary arts she is also a pioneer in the teaching of the first workshops on Live Cinema and Vj techniques in the north of México since 2009. With the collective Sistema Local, she created visual scenery designs and happenings outside of museums or galleries and into nightlife, combining street art, vinyl art, music, fashion and visuals.