Nandita Kumar (India)

Nandita Kumar

Nandita Kumar is a multi-faceted, award winning filmaker, multi media artist, painter and performer. She holds a joint Bachelors Degree from MS University, India and Auckland University, in the Elam School Of the Arts, New Zealand and has completed her Masters Degree in Experimental Animation at California Institute of the Arts, in Los Angeles. Nandita’s artistic expressions have shown in various festivals and exhibitions throughout the world including Los Angeles county Museum(LACMA) along with the Salvador Dali Exhibit, REDCAT, The New Zealand International Film Festival, The Rome International Film festival, Stuttgart Animation Festival, The Academy of Television Art and Sciences in Los Angeles and the Best of Sydney Underground Festival DVD. Her performances, installations and paintings have shown in Living Room, Ptg 404, Gully Louge Gallery, Waikato and Massey University in New Zealand and she is currently in preparation for her 1st solo show in Delhi, India. Nandita has received the “Best Original Music” for her film Birth of Brain Fly at the Cinema Mundo festival in Brazil and is also an awardee of the famed Jules Engle Scholarship.