HP Process (France)

HP Process
(Hortense Gauthier & Philippe Boisnard)

– short bio

HP Process (Hortense Gauthier and Philippe Boisnard) is an entity, based on conjunction/disjunction, which develops a digital practice of art-action. Hortense Gauthier and Philippe Boisnard work on multimedia poetic performances where picture and sound are generated in real-time and in an interactive way, on sound installations and interactive videos.
HP Process’s work could be defined as DIGITAL POETRY ACTION. It tries to question the relationship between the body and technology, and to explore the plastic, visual, sound, digital and physical dimensions of writing…

They also make video-poetries of short format and sound creations, as well for live as for installations.
They made many performances in different places (festival, theather, museum, gallery, …)
In France : CAPC de Bordeaux, La Comédie de Reims, festival Empreintes numériques (Toulouse), festival E-Poetry (Paris), Centre Pompidou (Paris), GRIM-Montévidéo (Marseille-F), Cité européenne des Récollets (Paris), Musée d’Art moderne de St Etienne, Palais des Beaux-Arts de Lille …
Abroad : festival Son-Vision (Genève – Switzerland), Hack Gallery (Cologne-Germany), VIII Media Forum of the 29th Moscow Film Festival (Russia), Convention PureData (Sao Paulo-Brazil), Rencontres chorégraphiques de Carthage (Tunis-Tunisia), Centro Octubre (Valencia-Spain) …

Philippe Boisnard is born in 1971 in Paris. He is writer, philosopher, and video-performer.

Hortense Gauthier is born in 1983 in Paris. She is multimedia artist. Since 2002, she develops a trans-media poetic work by exploring the different dimensions of writing (sonic, visual, plastic, numerical, corporeal …)