Anna Bajjou (Poland)

Anna Bajjou

  • participant in
    VideoChannel –> OMFC’2 – One Minute Film Collection 2
    curated by Wilfried Agricola de Cologne
  • Anna Bajjou (maiden name: Bubka) studied Architecture and Urban Design at Krakow University of Technology in Poland and Dance for the Screen at The Place London Contemporary Dance School. Filmmaking for her is a way of combining the background in space design and the interest in human performance, which came from her practice in architecture, painting, photography and contemporary dance.

    The works in photography and painting were exhibited in Krakow and Zakopane in the years 2000-03. In 2006 she set up a contemporary dance company and filmmaking group HOPLAAA, and collaborated on various projects from short video work to multimedia performances, which were shown in La Tourette in Brussells, art galleries (BWA, Galeria Galicja) and theatres in Krakow and Warsaw. Her films and the ones created with HOPLAAA were shown in various festivals and alternative screenings in Poland, UK, other European countries and Morocco.