Allison Beda (USA)


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  • Allison Beda turned her career as a fashion model into her first feature documentary How To Be A Model (described by critics as ‘an intriguing insider look filled with shattered stereotypes’). Her recent short Tea Party, deemed ‘Amusingly bitchy’ by reviewers, was a ‘critics pick’ at the Vancouver International film festival. And she is thrilled to be developing the dark comedy feature The Take Out Girl, (about two cousins determined to bring each other down!) with the assistance of Telefilm Canada and the NSI ‘feature first’ program. Ms. Beda holds a BA in film from SFU, a MFA from UBC, is a Women In The Directors Chair (2008) alumni, occasionally works as a camera operator (most recently on the sitcom Aliens In America) and thinks that laughing a lot is a really good thing.