Bijoyini Chatterjee (India)

Bijoyini Chatterjee
participant in
VideoChannel – [self]~imaging
artists portraying themselves in film & video

He is a filmmaker, photographer, software architect and a flamenco dancer. She trained in Computer Design and Theory from the Government College of India (Pune) and Northeastern University (Boston). She also studied Video/Film production and still photography at Massachusetts College of Art and Design (Boston), School of Museum of Fine Arts (Boston) and Harvard University (Cambridge, USA) while working full time as a software designer/architect at Groove Networks.

Her commissioned video works include filming for Italian artist Lara Favoretto’s video installation “Momentary Monuments”, Indian film maker Gayatri Chatterjee’s “Homes for Gods and Mortals (Working title)” and making a visual book trailer for writer Anjali Mitter Duva.

Completed works

A short experimental film called “When I Was” – a film that is a visual letter from a young filmmaker to her older self. It looks at various ways to preserve and arrest memories, thoughts and moments for our older selves.

A series of still photographs (B&W, 35mm film) documenting a high-tech office. These photographs examine the relationship of people to the various spaces at work, spaces where they often spend over 60-70 hours a week and their attempt to humanize and befriend these, often sterile, environments.

Works in Progress

– Making a documentary film called “Flamenco Syndrome”. This film documents the complex encounters between international flamenco community and resident gitanos (gypsies) in Jerez de la Frontera, a small town in lower Andalusia (Spain). The project will also explore how flamenco is a way of life for these communities.

– Making a documentary film called “Hair Stories (Working Title)” – a film that looks at the relationship between people who work in the hair industry (hair removal, hair implants and hair styling/cutting) and their relationship to their work, their clients and their environments.

– Making a documentary on an aging artisan from Jerez de la Frontera who used to make intricate wine labels by hand for the Sherry wine industry in the 1960s and 1970s.