Tomas Rawski (Argentina)

Tomas Rawski

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Tomas Rawski was born in Buenos Aires Argentina in 1980. Almost all his life was devoted to studying and finishing, “Systems Engineering” in “Universidad Abierta Interamericana”. At 18 he discovered photography through a Canon AE1. After doing a course at the School of Creative Photography, “Andy Goldstein” decided to pursue a career in it. He also attended courses with well-known as Don Rypka.

Later he could unite his two passions studying interactive arts, first at the “Fundación Telefónica”, winning a scholarship to attend the workshop “Interactive Art IV” dictated by Rodrigo Alonso and Mariano Sardon. He also won another scholarship-course the Cultural Center of Spain to participate in the workshop “Artificial Intelligence Applied to the Art Life” taught by Emiliano Causa.

He currently works as a freelance photographer, freelance as a programmer and attends the clinic and paint courses of Diana Aisemberg.

Exhibitions / Publications:
17/12/2009 | Kda Sonoro en Jardín Oculto – Work: Sound Epidemic
07/03/2009 | “Songs With Words” selected for the FAD Brazil
18.12.2008 | Telefonica Foundation. Open Studio. Project “L-Field ”
01/12/2008 | Photo Book “La ciudad de la espera”
20/07/2008 | Centro Cultural Borges. Presentation and Display Collective
05/06/2008 | Centro Cultural Recoleta. Award “Gente mi ciudad” | 1st Prize
09/01/2008 | Fotorreportaje of “Vale Todo” published in
20/02/2008 | Fotorreportaje of “Nuclear Power Plants in Argentina,”

published in
04/12/2007 | Gallery DacilArt, Be Be Boz Art

15/05/2008 | 1st Prize | ” Gente mi ciudad ” del Banco Ciudad.