Anna Hirschmann (Germany)

Anna Hirschmann
participant in
VAD – Video Art Database
CologneOFF V – 5th Cologne Online Film Festival 2009

I was born in Bielefeld 1982 and live since 2001 in Hamburg. I studied in Hamburg at the local universitiy of arts (Hochschule für bildende Künste Hamburg ) in the faculty of visual communication, and finished in 2008. I realised several short film projects, as a handdrawn animation & liveaction short (“ZUHAUSE AUFREISE”), a narrative short about the morning after (” you & ei”), a video-installation in public space, a b/w performative short on 35mm, which was part of my diploma. Some of the shortfilms have been shown on festivals, for example “ZUHAUSEAUFREISE” at the Shortfilmfestival in Hamburg and the Dokfilmfestival in Kassel, and “you&ei” at Bunter Hund in Munich. At the moment I´m working on an experimental feature film. The submitted film has just been shown on the opening of the “Komm in die Gänge” Ausstellung in Hamburg. It was shown as a video installation in an abandoned/squatted house, in a small room with some leftover furniture together with some writings on the wall in a second room behind.