bleedingboy (USA)

Participant in
SoundLAB VI – sonic art project environments
soundPOOL – a challenge for imagination

bleedingboy, an alter-ego created out of boredom, expressed in emotional and musical experimentation. bleedingboy was fortunate enough to be able to perform with other known,
artists, such as lirio salvador, francesca beard and etc, and performed under Cesare Syjuco’s flagship, the Electronic Underground.

an invitation to your own personal musical soundtrack, to which bleedingboy, offers a variety of noise/soundscape, idm and other experimental style, that could pose as a bed space to hold a much more complex array of scene.

Bleedingboy, whose real name is Rolando P. del Castillo, Jr. was not one of the smartest kid in class, he often was fond of deviating from the usual social norms. And preferred art while his father raised him to that idea; “get a good paying job, art is useless.” No one in his family encouraged him to be dabble with arts, except her mother, a biology teacher.