Mustafa Maluka (SA)

Mustafa Maluka

Date of birth: 21-11-1976
Place of birth: Cape Town, South Africa
Place of Residence: Amsterdam/Cape Town/Helsinki
2002 – 2006 PhD Candidate in Cultural Analysis, Amsterdam School for Cultural Analysis (ASCA), Faculty of Humanities of the University of Amsterdam. My PhD dissertation – when broadly defined – focuses on urban African youth and their relationship with hip-hop culture and technology. I am conducting six case studies focusing on six cities: Accra, Algiers, Cape Town, Dakar, Dar Es Salaam, and Nairobi.
1999 – 2001 De Ateliers, Post-graduate Art Institute (M.A. equivalent), Amsterdam, The Netherlands
1994 – 1995 Two years towards a three year National Diploma in Graphic design, Peninsula Technicon, Cape Town, South Africa
1993 Matric, St.Andrew`s High School, Elsies River, Cape Town, South Africa
Selected group shows:
2003 – Guess Who, Stedelijk Museum Zwolle, Zwolle, The Netherlands
2003 – Afrika Hier en Nu, Centrum Beeldende Kust, Emmen, The Netherlands
2002 – The 4th Biennale of The Pan-African Circle of Artists, Centre Soleil d’Afrique, Bamako, Mali
2002 – Interactive Arts Festival.01, Kwang Fong Gallery, California Lutheran University, Los Angeles, U.S.A.
2000 – (W)interface, Galerie Tanya Rumpff, Haarlem, The Netherlands
– Portrait Africa, Haus der Kulturen der Welt, Berlin, Germany
2000 – (W)interface, Galerie Tanya Rumpff, Haarlem, The Netherlands
– Portrait Africa, Haus der Kulturen der Welt, Berlin, Germany
1999 – Staking Claims, The Granary, Cape Town, South Africa
– Project Conflux, Luxembourg/Cape Town/Paris
– Postcards from South Africa, Axis Gallery, New York, USA
– Oos Wes Tuis Bes, Oudshoorn, South Africa
1998 – Childhood, Irma Stern Museum, Cape Town, South Africa- !Xoe site-specific, Ibis art centre, Nieu-Bethesda, South Africa
Solo shows:
2002 – Bad for Your Health/Wrong Colour,, Virtual Museum of Contemporary African Art
2002 – The Realness, Gallerie Tanya Rumpff, Haarlem, The Netherlands
2001 – Hard Living (an ethnomethodological approach), de Ateliers, Amsterdam2000 – Maluka 2000, de Twee Wezen, Enkhuizen, The Netherlands
1998 – The (unstoppable) rapist, Association for Visual Arts, Cape Town, South Africa
1997 – Melanin Millennium, Mau-Mau Gallery, Cape Town, South Africa
1998 – Thami Mnyele Foundation, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
1997 – Robben Island Museum, Robben Island, South Africa

Mustafa Maluka participates in

  • [R][R][F]200x—>XP – global networking project
  • RRF v.2.0 – curated by Melody Parker-Carter